Friday, March 22, 2013

Review of WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I DIE? by Michael Allen Rogers

The subject of what happens after death has always been one that has drawn my attention, as it does for probably most people. But it became even more of a concern when I watched my grandfather slowly die of cancer a few years ago. The constant refrain from well-meaning people that he's in a better place frustrated me more than it helped me. Then I discovered a book by Randy Alcorn about heaven, and it changed the way I saw everything. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I DIE? by Michael Allen Rogers is a similar book with many of the same concerns.

Death is a very real concern for everybody, and Rogers handles it in a way that is meant to draw people to Christ, inspire hope, and drive people to spread the gospel. The book deals with the hell and rightly describes it as the default destination for anyone unless God's grace intervenes. Though a difficult doctrine because of all the emotional implications, Rogers shows why hell makes sense and what ultimately drives people there. I was glad to see that the author sees the Bible's explanation for why people end up in hell is because of their own refusal to believe. People send themselves to hell. Rogers describes what most theologians have referred to as an intermediate heaven as the immediate heaven. He then shows the earth's destiny as restoration by God and heaven coming to earth. I was also glad to see a chapter on  the fate of children who die.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I DIE? is Christ-centered throughout in its pursuit of showing people that the goal of redeemed humanity is eternity in his forever-satisfying presence.

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