Monday, March 18, 2013

Review of EYES WIDE OPEN by Steve DeWitt

Rating: 5 out of 5

EYES WIDE OPEN by Steve DeWitt is a book about humanity's instinctive need to seek and enjoy beauty. DeWitt sees this longing inside of us as a longing for the One who is true beauty. God has planted inside our hearts a desperation to find him, and all of creation contains reflections of the beauty of God. 

In EYES WIDE OPEN DeWitt explores what the Bible reveals about God and specifically God's trinitarian nature. It's a call to see God with both fresh and accurate eyes. Then the book moves from the foundation of God's beauty to an exploration of the beauty in the world and cultures we find ourselves in. Beauty, as a reflection of God's beauty, is meant to point out hearts to the source of beauty. Instead, we're more often caught up in created beauty rather than in the one who created beauty. 

EYES WIDE OPEN is a call for believers in Jesus to embrace beauty and be the best creators of beauty they can be, all to the glory of God. This is an important book.

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