Monday, December 27, 2010

Book Review: Isolation by Travis Thrasher

ISOLATION is the story of a missionary family on furlough from serving in Papua New Guinea. As the back cover mentions, what they experienced while on the mission field left their faith challenged and barely hanging on. As the story progresses we learn that the demons of their past have literally followed them to the mountains of North Carolina where they have settled down for their furlough.

The highlight of the story is 8 year old Zachary who doesn't seem to struggle with his faith the way his parents do. The house family lives in is massive, and it features many secret passageways for Zachary to explore. In fact, there is one whole side of the house that is blocked off from the family that holds many dark secrets that will challenge the family's faith even further.

ISOLATION is obviously reminiscent of Stephen King's THE SHINING, and Thrasher does a great job of amping up the fright factor in a novel that could be described as Christian horror. The story deals with demon possession and reveals the nature of things unseen, but ultimately the light of Jesus shines through.

ISOLATION was very well-written. The characters were well developed and easy to identify with. The story is most fun to read at night in the dark to really get the fright factor from it.

It's a great message of hope in the midst of a struggle against very real evil.