Monday, March 18, 2013

Review of HALFWAY HERBERT by Francis Chan

Rating: 5 out of 5

HALFWAY HERBERT is always doing things halfway, never quite finishing anything. He only brushed half his teeth, only did half his homework, only ate half his food, and only slept halfway through the night. Though doing things halfway makes life difficult, Herbert never seems to learn his lesson. One day he tells a half-truth, not quite considering it a lie, and his dad is disappointed. His dad uses this moment to teach an incredible truth about God’s desire for whole-hearted devotion from us.
I love the message conveyed in Francis Chan’s books, so I was eager to get his children’s books to help communicate those lessons to my small children. HALFWAY HERBERT takes one of the vital messages in Chan’s book CRAZY LOVE and couches it in a story that helps kids understand God’s heart toward us. It’s brightly illustrated by Matt Daniels, and my children love the bright colors and clever story it tells. It’s a great book if you have children and you want to teach them to be fully committed to Christ and the things in their lives God calls them to.
Review copy provided by David C. Cook

Photo Credit: David C. Cook

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