Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review of PILGRIM THEOLOGY by Michael Horton

Rating: 5 out of 5

Michael Horton's PILGRIM THEOLOGY is compressed version of his larger systematic theology THE CHRISTIAN FAITH, modified specifically for a broader audience of people. This includes highlighted terms and a glossary defining those terms.

Horton covers all the major areas of systematic theology, including the doctrine of God, God's revelation of himself, salvation, snd eschatology. He writes from a Reformed theology position throughout, so I don't agree with him at all l points. However, Horton writes compellingly and with a clear passion for God's glory and man's salvation. I love his approach from a gospel narrative and his framework of drama, doctrine, doxology, discipleship. I appreciate specifically Horton's handling of eschatology, even as I wrestle with my own stance on what it all means.

I loved THE CHRISTIAN FAITH, and I equally love PILGRIM THEOLOGY. It makes much of theology understandable and sparks a desire to study further.

Review copy provided by Zondervan

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