Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review of EXTREME WORLDS by Francis Tsai

If you're a drawing artist, you might come to a point where you want to draw something that doesn't really exist in our world. Something out of this world. EXTREME WORLDS: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO DRAWING AND PAINTING SCI-FI ART by Francis Tsai gives artists the tools and knowledge to create fantastic sci-fi worlds, creatures, weapons, vehicles, and characters. 

After covering some drawing basics, the book launches into the steps to drawing sci-fi art. The book doesn't stop with drawing but puts the techniques into practice by discussing some storytelling concepts in the genre of the space opera. The author covers creating your characters and world. The book includes numerous illustrations throughout that encourage the mind of images an artist can create. 

EXTREME WORLDS is a great book for any artist interested specifically in creating sci-fi art.

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