Friday, March 22, 2013

Review of TIME AND ETERNITY by Brian Leftow

Is God timeless or temporal? Does he exist inside of time or outside of time? Why does it matter, and what are the implications of the view you hold? Theologians throughout history have wrestled with the relationship of God and time. Since time is a creation of God, it has often been assumed that God himself is timeless. But how does a timeless God interact with a creation that is in time? A philosophy of religion book by Brian Leftow called TIME AND ETERNITY wrestles with these questions and presents a view of God as timeless and seeks to show how this timeless God interacts with s temporal creation.

One of the strengths of this book is tracing the thoughts of important historical figures such as Augustine and Boethius on God's relation to time. He presents his own view while dealing with possible objections. He even tackles God's foreknowledge in a way that is similar to Molinism, which has been an interesting position in my mind for awhile.

The book is quite complex and I'll definitely have to go through it several times to grasp it, but it's a great treatment on God's relationship to time.

Review copy provided by Cornell University Press

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