Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review of BASIC.TEACHING, a Video by Francis Chan

In his video BASIC.TEACHING, Francis Chan pours his heart out on the Scriptures and how believers should be committed to learning from them and drawing close to God through them. Chan talks about the authority of the Bible and the need for authentic and faithful teaching. The first disciples taught what Jesus taught so that others could teach and Jesus' message would continue to spread.

Chan's heart in this video is clearly the idea of churches making disciples who make disciples. If we're believers in Jesus, then we're called to teach what Jesus taught. This includes measuring teaching against Scrpture so that we have accurate teaching. Another important idea Chan proposes is that reading the Bible should be something we want to do rather than feeling like a duty. The first disciples and those after them wanted to hear Jesus' teaching. How often do we pursue God's Word the wsy that they did.

The visual journey in the video really accentuates the ideas Chan is talking about. Chan is a passionate teacher, and we can learn some very foundational things through the BASIC.TEACHING video.

Review copy provided by David C. Cook

Photo Credit: David C. Cook

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