Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review of CHORD MASTER by Rikky Rooksby

CHORD MASTER by Rikky Rooksby is an invaluable resource for any guitar player. As Rooksby states neat the beginning of the book, many guitar players learn chords by learning their favorite songs, but tgis can limit the amount of chords we learn.

Rooksby's book walks guitar players through many different chords and chord shapes, with attention on how different chords work together. You'll learn what chords fit withib different key progressions. The section on chords for songwriters gives songwriters the know-how to come up with progressions and melodies for songs. There's a great section on chords you'll recognize from specific songs. Finally, the book contains a chord dictionary.

CHORD MASTER gives guitar players a tool to learn chords quickly and help them to be better players and songwriters.

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