Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blog Tour Review of ASHES by Estevan Vega

Rating: 5 out of 5

Arson Gable once thought he was one boy trying to fit into a normal world, even though he can secretly start fire with his mind. All that changed the night Emery Phoenix, the girl who has captured his heart, was nearly burned by a group of kids from school. After Arson let loose the fullness of his ability in a fit of rage to protect Emery, both of them are taken by a secret organization who want to control Arson's ability. Arson soon finds out that he's not alone and that his past isn't what he previously believed. At the same time, Emery discovers a new boy named Adam who is like Arson. But is Adam good or bad? For tua matter, is Arson good or bad?

ASHES is the second book in Estevan Vega's ARSON trilogy. It is a twisted tale of humanity's relentless struggle to become more than humanity. ASHES is in a lot of ways a different story than ARSON. I couldn't have imagined this was where the story would go. It's so much bigger and on a scale that is bound to affect so much more than the small town ARSON took place in.

Arson's story is tragic, especially with the story beginning with his birth. You feel sorry for him and wish that he could have a second chance. The tragedy just continues. Throughout, you have to wonder if his mind can take what he discovers.

I enjoyed seeing Joel begin to rise above the flaws that plagued him in the first book. It was also good to see Joel and Aimee begin to grow closer as they search for Emery.

The story seems full of people who think they know what's best for the world, but of course what's best for the world and what's best for the characters themselves doesn't always add up. Salvation Asylum is big with big plans for the world, but the real mystery of this story is Adam. He's called the Source. He's a tragic character with a lot of pent-up rage. And what he does really makes me wish Vega was finished with book 3.

Estevan Vega knows how to tell a story. I never lost interest at any point in this book, and I think he's going to finish it in the most epic way, given the build-up at the end of ASHES. It's a great exploration of the best and worst in humanity.

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