Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Advanced Review of WRITER'S REHAB by D.B. Gilles


It's a common occurrence for writers to struggle with doing the very thing they feel they were made to do: write. There are a variety of different causes for a writer experiencing writer's block, but how to get past it? There are few things more frustrating than being a writer and not be producing something good that we want people to read. Screenwriter D.B. Gilles offers somewhat of a process of recovery for writers in his upcoming book WRITER'S REHAB. The book is written as a 12-step recovery program for writers "who can't get their acts together."

The 12 steps deal with issues such as perfectionism, being an 80 percent finisher, and coming up with high concept story ideas. The common denominator is that there is usually nothing stopping you from writing more than you are. Sometimes you just need to settle in and do the work. Gilles often encourages seeking therapy throughout the book to deal with serious issues, which wasn't really relevant to me, but I can see why it might be for some people. The book is aimed primarily to screenwriters, but all writers sometimes need a kick in the behind to do what they need to do, which is write.

WRITER'S REHAB is a compact little book that will help a writer explore the often unnecessary reasons for not writing and find useful exercises to get back to it.

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