Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review of THE MYTH OF JUNK DNA by Jonathan Wells

One of the primary arguments against Intelligent Design is that much of our DNA is "junk DNA." Leading proponents of Darwinian evolution believe that the existence of junk DNA must mean that the evolutionary process is the best explanation for our origins. After all, why would an intelligent designer allow the human genome to have so much useless DNA. But Intelligent Design advocate Jonathan Wells tackles this issue head-on in his book THE MYTH OF JUNK DNA. As the title suggests, Wells believes that what many people have termed "junk DNA" isn't junk at all. Wells uncovers a host of scientific evidence showing that so-called junk DNA actually does serve a useful purpose. While this doesn't definitely prove his position of ID, it certainly gives credibility to that position. He argues that many scientists are simply ignoring the evidence that is right in front of them while operating from Darwinian presuppositions. 

The book is understandably quite technical, but it seems to be a great resource in defending the validity of ID, while showing Darwinian evolution to be false.

Review copy provided by Discovery Institute Press

Photo Credit: Discovery Institute Press

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