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How do Christians relate to the Old Testament Law? Are we required to obey all of it? Part of it? To understand the relationship between believers and the Mosaic Law, we have to have a clear grasp of what the Bible is communicating through the concept of covenant. A. Blake White approaches the question from a New Covenant Theology perspective in his book THE LAW OF CHRIST: A THEOLOGICAL PROPOSAL. New Covenant Theology seeks to let the Bible speak for itself and avoid the errors found in Covenant Theology and Dispensational Theology. 

White launches into a thorough study of how the new covenant instituted by Christ affects how Christians live in relation to the Old Testament Law. He shows that the new covenant is truly a new covenant and not a renewal of the Mosaic covenant. He shows that Jesus came to fulfill the Mosaic Law and give a new "law" by which new covenant believers are to live. Because we aren't under the old covenant, we aren't under the law that is tied to that covenant. However, this doesn't mean that there isn't some overlap between what Paul referred to as the Law of Christ and the Mosaic Law. White is very helpful in showing how God's "natural" law was partially and temporarily reflected in the old covenant law and more fully in the new covenant law of Christ. The Law of Christ in the new covenant includes the indwelling Holy Spirit who helps us obey.

White's book includes many footnotes, which shows the incredible depth he's gone to in his research to be faithful to the Scriptures. After reading this book, I understand our relation to the Mosaic Law better and feel I have a better appreciation for how God has worked in the world throughout history. There are still some implications I need to wrestle with when it comes to New Covenant Theology, but I highly recommend this book as a study in the relationship between the Old and New Testaments.

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