Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review of FORMED FOR THE GLORY OF GOD by Kyle Strobel

Kyle Strobel has given us some incredible insight into the thought and teaching of theologian Jonathan Edwards in his recent books on him. In his latest book FORMED FOR THE GLORY OF GOD, Strobel gives us an accessible and practical look into the specifics of Edwards' spiritual disciplines. The book looks at Edwards' thoughts on spiritual formation, as well as his approach to his own role in his sanctification.

Strobel suggests that modern-day Christians can learn much from Edwards' spiritual practices in their own pursuit of being formed more and more into the image of Christ. He pursues important concepts in the work of Edwards, such as the role of our affections, spiritual disciplines as a "means of grace" in our walk with Christ, and the importance of self-evaluation as we pursue becoming more like Christ. Strobel then looks at some of the specific spiritual disciplines Edwards put into practice.

FORMED FOR THE GLORY OF GOD seeks to make Jonathan Edwards accessible, as well as allowing Christians to draw on the wisdom of someone who made it a practice to walk with God intentionally. Kyle Strobel has given us another great book on the work of Jonathan Edwards that acts as a practical guide in helping us draw nearer to Christ.

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