Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review of COVENANTAL APOLOGETICS by K. Scott Oliphint

I've always been interested in Christian apologetics. I get energized by the scientific and philosophical arguments for the existence of God and the validity of Christianity. COVENANTAL APOLOGETICS by K. Scott Oliphint takes a different approach to apologetics that is a helpful reminder of what defending the faith is all about. This approach starts with the authority of Scripture and a firm belief that how God describes reality is the way things really are. Christianity is true, and any other worldview that an unbeliever seeks to create is an illusion. Oliphint argues from Scripture that all people instinctively know God, but unbelievers suppress this knowledge. Our goal as Christian apologists is to help others see that Christianity is true and no other worldview measures up to the way reality really is.

While I still have an appreciation for evidential apologetics, I think Oliphint's approach is one that more people need to put into practice. It's putting faith in God as creator and trusting that what we propose to unbelievers is genuinely true. Oliphint's book breaks down what covenantal apologetics actually looks like in the context of real-life conversations with unbelievers. 

COVENANTAL APOLOGETICS is an important book in the area of apologetics and will be a great help for people to make a biblical defense of Christianity to unbelievers.

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