Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review of THE IN-BETWEEN Audiobook by Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins has come a long way as a writer. From building a dedicated audience through his blog to writing two books, his story is one to learn from. In his newest book THE IN-BETWEEN, Goins shares much of his story, as well as an important insight he has learned from the various threads that make up his story. People seem to always be after the next big thing. We live for the big and important events in our lives. This makes sense, but Goins suggests that it's not in the big moments that we're shaped into who we are. It's in the in-between moments. The moments of waiting. These are the moments that we're always so quick to rush by. We hate waiting. We want to get to the next big thing. But Goins suggests that we need to slow down and learn to appreciate the in-between moments. These are moments that shape us, sometimes much more than the big events in our lives.

To make his point, Goins shares several snapshots of his life. These are examples of in-between moments in his life. He paints these pictures of times that he often would have wished he could have rushed through, but discovered that he learned much from these moments. He shares stories of traveling, meeting and marrying his wife, waiting the birth of their son, his grandfather's death-bed conversion to Christ, and many others. They're great stories that he tells very well.

I've been following Jeff Goins' blog for a couple years now, and THE IN-BETWEEN is a great opportunity to learn more about what drives him and the wisdom he brings to the table. If you find yourself being all about the big events in life, this book will encourage you to slow down and learn from the in-between moments.

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