Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review of ARMINIUS SPEAKS edited by John D. Wagner

The Calvinist-Arminian debate has been raging for centuries, and though I think both sides have some serious flaws, I've always noticed that Arminius himself seems to be a misunderstood figure in the history of the church. Modern-day Arminianism doesn't seem like what Arminius himself had in mind. ARMINIUS SPEAKS is a collection of Arminius' most important writings on the topics of election and predestination compiled by John D. Wagner and presented in English.

This book is great because it gives us some of the teachings of Arminius in his own words. Arminius is an interesting figure because of his proximity to Calvin himself and Calvin's successor Theodore Beza. Arminius came to believe that God's grace isn't irresistible and that God's predestination in the Calvinistic framework was a threat to God's goodness.

For anyone interested in what Arminius had to say about salvation, ARMINIUS SPEAKS is an incredible resource.

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