Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review of WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? by Mark Driscoll

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Rating: 4 out of 5

In his new book WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, Pastor Mark Driscoll seeks to help people understand their identity both in and out of Christ. In fact, Driscoll states that Christians not having a good grasp of their identity in Christ is the source of so much of a Christian's troubles when it comes to dealing with temptation, navigating relationships, having purpose in life. Throughout the book Driscoll gives us a picture of what a natural man without Christ finds their identity in and contrasts this with the beautiful image of the believer's identity in Christ as Paul described in his letter to the church at Ephesus. Each chapter looks at a specific aspect of our new identity in Christ and the implications of that in our lives. One of the areas I really appreciate Driscoll addressing in this book is the subject of idolatry and how it is the most prevalent problem that human beings struggle with. In fact, all sin is some form of idolatry. Driscoll also addresses the wonderful aspects of our new identity in Christ, such as our reconciliation with God and man, the fact that God hears us in Christ, the astounding thought that God appreciates us, and that we are saved and forgiven. Above all, the book is about Jesus and what he has done for us.

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE reads like a man's journal through the book of Ephesians and Driscoll some life-altering insights and illustrative stories throughout. Our identity in Christ is vitally important and this book tackles it in a way that makes sense and inspires action.

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