Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review of HOW TO DELIVER A TED TALK by Jeremy Donovan

Rating: 5 out of 5

HOW TO DELIVER A TED TALK by Jeremy Donovan is a great resource for those who love watching TED Talks and want to know how to communicate their ideas as clearly and compellingly as TED Talk speakers do.

My favorite TED Talk as a person who loves creativity and storytelling is J.J. Abrams talk on the Mystery Box, with Susan Cain's talk on the power of introverts being a close second. TED Talks present important ideas, and Donovan has written this book after studying many TED Talks to understand the elements that make them work.

The book gives some direction on what types of topics and the types of speakers TED is looking for. Although TED Talks are given by many well-known people, anyone with a great idea well-told has the potential to be a TED Talk speaker. Donovan devotes several chapters on how to develop your talk, refine it through adding humor and visuals, and working on your actual delivery. A catchphrase is your idea simply and memorably states in just a few words, and Donovan walks you through how to develop this. You'll learn how to craft the body of your talk with an introduction and conclusion. Storytelling is also an important element that the book covers.

I'm also seeking ways to better communicate my ideas, and HOW TO DELIVER A TED TALK is a helpful look at the techniques of some of the world's best communicators.

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