Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review of BRASS HEAVENS by Paul Tautges

Photo Credit: Cruciform Press

Rating: 5 out of 5

Prayer can be one of the most faith-challenging aspects of being a follower of Jesus. I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t experienced the discouraging feeling that their prayers have gone unheard by God. I’ve had times where I’ve prayed for what feels like relentless prayers, and God just doesn’t seem to answer.

BRASS HEAVENS by Paul Tautges is a short book from Cruciform Press that tackles this issue. Tautges acknowledges that there are times when it feels like we are praying to “brass heavens” and God doesn’t seem to hear us or respond. In the book, Tautges seeks to paint a picture of God as one who hears, but give us some very real, very biblical reasons why our prayers may go unanswered.

He covers six reasons why God may not answer: pet sins in our lives, unresolved conflict that produces broken relationships, religious sins, husbands failing to honor their wives, stubborn pride, and God sometimes testing our faith. Obviously, our own behaviors can affect God’s willingness to answer our prayers and sometimes we must change. Other times we simply have to trust that God is trying to grow something in us through the testing of our faith.

BRASS HEAVENS isn’t an easy book to read because you’ll be confronted with the ways you may hijack God’s work in your life. However, it is a much-needed message for believers that God hears and wants to answer our prayers.

Review copy provided by Cruciform Press

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