Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review of THE MEANING OF THE MILLENNIUM edited by Robert G. Clouse

Rating: 4 out of 5

The millennial reign of Christ is an interesting area of theology because it's one that seems to be greatly misunderstood. And no one really knows who is right. THE MEANING OF THE MILLENNIUM edited by Robert G. Clouse from InterVarsity Press presents the four common ways theologians throughout history have interpreted the description of Christ's millennial reign in Revelation 19.

I've always had a discomfort with the dispensational premillennialism view because if its sharp distinction between Israel and the church and the church being almost a Plan B for God because of the Jews' rejection of him. Historic premillennialism in this book takes that sharp distinction away, but I still struggle with the idea of an intermediate reign of Christ on earth with resurrected believers and nonbelievers who haven't died yet before Christ's final reign in the new heavens and new earth. Though I must say George Eldon Ladd's essay in the book presents a good case for the historic premillennialism view. Postmillenialism is unconvincing.

I found Anthony Hoekema's essay the most interesting from an amillenialism perspective. Though I'm not sure i would interpret the entirety of Revelation the way Hoekema does, his interpretation of Revelation 19 gives me a lot to think about.

I love the structure of four-views books, and THE MEANING OF THE MILLENNIUM is no exception. This book will give you a lot to wrestle with.

Review copy provided by InterVarsity Press

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