Wednesday, June 26, 2013


WHAT IS NEW COVENANT THEOLOGY? by A. Blake White is a very short introduction to a system of theology that seeks to let the Bible inform its core tenets and stands somewhere in the middle between Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism. At less than 50 pages, I was able to read the book in a couple sittings.

I grew up exposed to Dispensationalism, but as I read the Bible for myself, I discovered much I didn't agree with. Then when I discovered Covenant Theology, I found some things that were good, but still a few things I felt didn't line up with the Bible. I appreciate NCT's insistence on letting the Bible speak for itself and found White's book to be very clear on the foundation that NCT stands on.

As this book was a foundational introduction, I'm interested in reading more about some of the implications of this approach to the Biblical covenants. For example, the role of the written moral code in the New Covenant Believer's life. I think this is where it gets controversial and where I'd like to see some more clarification. I'm also interested in the implications for approaching Old Covenant prophecy.

I really enjoyed the clarity of this little book and its focus on Christ's completed work. Particularly, I would recommend this book to someone trying to understand how Dispensationalism departs from an accurate interpretation of the Bible.

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