Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review of VIRTUOUS MINDS by Phili

I'm a father of three children, and I want my children to develop into responsible Christ-following adults. This of course includes behavior modification driven by faith in Jesus, but there's also the element of intellectual character, which is the way our minds develop. VIRTUOUS MINDS by Philip E. Dow explores this important area of intellectual character development.

Dow spends a great deal of time unpacking seven intellectual virtues. These are things like intellectual courage and intellectual curiosity. These virtues will serve children and even adults well as they learn and interact with the world. He then shows how these plays out in everyday life and what it looks like.

This book is a unique look at child development, and it is ideal for educators and parents. I know that the ideas in this book are important to my wife and and me as we raise our children to exhibit godly character.

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