Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review of TEACHING AS LEADERSHIP by Steven Farr

I'm not a teacher, but I'm currently working on my alternative teaching certification. I used to teach in a church context, and I'm really excited about transitioning to teaching in an academic context. But I also want to learn as much as I can to be an effective teacher. I picked up TEACHING AS LEADERSHIP by Steven Farr of Teach For America. In the book, the author covers six proven principals of some of the best teachers. They are:

Set Big Goals
Invest Students and Their Families
Plan Purposefully
Execute Effectively
Continuously Increase Effectiveness
Work Relentlessly

The author shows how the best teachers exhibit these principals and gives how-to advice on how teachers can carry these principals into the classroom. I was drawn to this book because of its focus on leadership and a teacher being a leader. The book is good for teachers who truly want to invest in the lives of students and help them to be the best that they can be.

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