Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review of BIBLE STUDY: A STUDENT'S GUIDE by Jon Nielson

For a few years I was a youth pastor in a church, and during that time I was always searching for a really good resource to get students studying the Bible on their own. I found a few resources that I adapted, but I recently came upon a book that I would say is the perfect resource for getting teenagers to study the Bible for themselves, understand it, and be changed by it. The book is BIBLE STUDY: A STUDENT'S GUIDE by Jon Nielson.

Nielson takes some of the foundational doctrines we adhere to concerning the Bible and phrases them in a way that students can understand. He uses plenty of illustrations that connect these truths about the Bible to the students' lives. Nielson spends five chapters helping students understand that the Bible is God speaking, powerful, understandable, literary, and one big story that makes sense of all our stories. After laying a foundation of why Bible study is important and how it is possible for everyone, the book gives some very practical steps for actually studying the Bible. I love how Nielson shares the steps he's used with his own youth and college ministry groups. This is a book that's all about getting students to commune with God.

BIBLE STUDY: A STUDENT'S GUIDE is a book that should really be in the hands of every pastor, youth pastor, and parent of teenagers because it describes Bible study on a teenage level better than anything I've seen. It's also a challenge to adults to be very intentional about teaching students to study the Bible. It's definitely a book that should be in the hands of every teenager.

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