Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review of GLIMPSES OF GRACE by Gloria Furman

I read a lot of books on the Gospel and how to apply it to everyday life. My wife is an incredible woman and mom to our three young children. When I discovered there was a book about the Gospel in the midst of living everyday with the joys and struggles of being a mom, I knew it was something I wanted to check out.

GLIMPSES OF GRACE by Gloria Furman is a book about seeing the life of being a mom through the lens of what Jesus has done in the Gospel. As my wife has been reading it, I've been reading it as well to better grasp how to understand the role she has been placed in as the mother of our children. I'm encouraged by Furman's clear exploration of the Gospel and its implications in the mundane areas of life. The author encourages moms to rest fully in the work of Jesus.

I'm blessed to be married to a woman who loves our children deeply and cherishes the opportunity to help them understand and embrace the Gospel in their lives. GLIMPSES OF GRACE serves as practical encouragement for living in light of the Gospel as a mom.

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