Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review of WHO CAN BE SAVED? by Terrance L. Tiessen

In his book WHO CAN BE SAVED? author and theologian Terrance L. Tiessen goes through a thorough exploration of one of the most troubling questions in all of Christianity. The question concerns the fate of those who never get the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus. How does God judge them? What exactly is the criteria for being rescued by Jesus in this life?

Tiessen expores the Bible to show the Christocentricity of salvation, while also showing that God has been and always is active in revealing himself to people throughout the world. Tiessen’s exploration shows how God uses life’s circumstances to bring people into a position to come to him. The interesting part of this book is Tiessen’s look at various world religions and how God can even use the tiniest grain of truth in any religion to help point people in his direction.

I loved how this book showed salvation by faith throughout all of redemptive history because we often fail to understand how it was that people under the Old Covenant were saved. I’ve grown to appreciate Tiessen’s work, though I don’t subscribe to his Calvinist conclusions on soteriology.

WHO CAN BE SAVED? is a great book on the incredible topic of salvation and how God works in the world to redeem people. It gives both hope and motivation for spreading the gospel message.

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