Friday, January 13, 2012

Winning the Inner Creative War: My Review of THE ART OF WAR FOR WRITERS by James Scott Bell

A few years ago I picked up a book on writing fiction by James Scott Bell called PLOT AND STRUCTURE. For the last year and a half I've been writing a novel in my spare time with the hopes of being published someday, and Bell's book has been very helpful in the writing process, as has many others. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who aspires to write a full-length novel because it explores what a best-selling novel's structure and plot design requires so clearly, and it gives exercises to put into practice at the end of each chapter.

Writing can be a frustrating passion at times, as I've read from several of my favorite authors. While it may be the thing you love the most, when it comes down to actually sitting down and writing, the creative pressure you put on yourself can be daunting. Suddenly, something you love becomes something that's trying to take the life out of you. Yet, as a creator, you have something you want to get across. Call it a burning message that has to be told. Sometimes creativity can feel like an inner war. That's why I appreciate another book by James Scott Bell aptly titled THE ART OF WAR FOR WRITERS. Bell is a full-time novelist who spends each day entering the war of his creativity, and this book contains some of his best advice on winning the inner creative war.

THE ART OF WAR FOR WRITERS contains many practical tips on how to develop motivation for writing each day, how to develop a voice and style that is uniquely you, and even how to pursue publication. The book is written in 77 clear and concise chapters. Some examples of the practical insights included are how to write a killer proposal, what an agent wants from an author, and developing a credo as an author. If you're a writer, chances are you struggle with the inner creative war. If that's the case, THE ART OF WAR FOR WRITERS is a great book to help win the battle.

I received this book for free for review from Writer's Digest Books

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