Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ultimate Reality Through the Life of Jesus: My Review of KING'sCROSS by Timothy Keller

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C.S. Lewis had a way of communicating some of the most foundational aspects of faith in Jesus in ways that were fresh, illuminating, and clearly connected to the real world Christ followers live in day in and day out. Lewis was an important thinker and writer, and though he's not with us, he's inspired countless authors. Timothy Keller, the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, is one such author who continues to be a voice like Lewis to illuminate the important things of faith and show how incredibly relevant Christianity is to our lives. But perhaps “relevant” isn't the right word to use. The idea of Christianity being relevant often communicates the idea that we have to make Christianity fit with our lives, as if it isn't naturally something that concerns our lives. We often come to Christianity, trying to make sense of it according to our uniquely individual lives. But according to Keller in his book KING'S CROSS, we make sense of the world and our individual lives by looking at the life of Jesus. It's us and our lives that need to be made to conform to “ultimate reality” as found in Christianity.

In KING'S CROSS Keller takes us on a breathtaking journey through the Gospel of Mark and shows how the story of Jesus makes sense of our world. Because God created the world, it only makes sense that the world's story would only make sense in light of the story of Jesus. From the ultimate reality as a dance of the three persons of the trinity to Jesus' claim to divinity in forgiving sins to the beginning of all sad things becoming untrue with the resurrection of Jesus, Keller explores some of the key moments Mark recorded in the life of Jesus. KING'S CROSS brilliantly communicates our desperate need for God's forgiveness and redemption and shows how the death of Jesus truly makes sense as the necessary path for Jesus to take in reconciling us to God. Keller does a stellar job at exposing our inner motivations and revealing Jesus as the cure to our self-centeredness.

I love how Timothy Keller seems to have his heart's affections drawn completely toward Jesus and that passion bleeds through the pages. Keller's writing makes much of Jesus, and any reading of Keller should inspire greater love for Jesus and a greater hunger for communicating with God through the Bible.

I received this book for free for review from Dutton Books

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