Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grace-Driven Heart Transformation: A Review of LICENSED TO KILL: AFIELD MANUAL FOR MORTIFYING SIN by Brian Hedges

Christians who are saved from their sin through their faith in Jesus still struggle with the power of sin in their lives. For many believers, it's as if they're a walking contradiction. They know their faith in Jesus should mean a life less defined by sinful behavior and more by faith in and love for Jesus, yet they sense a certain pull toward sin inside them on a daily basis. Christians know that this pull or temptation needs to be dealt with, but how?

Brian G. Hedges takes us on a quick journey through the Bible's teaching on defeating sin in his new book for Cruciform Press called LICENSED TO KILL: A FIELD MANUAL FOR MORTIFYING SIN. Following the pattern of puritan theologian John Owen, Hedges explores what the Bible says about our indwelling sin nature and the Bible's definitive prescription for “mortifying” or killing sin. Because sin is a serious offense against God and a detriment to our drawing closer to him, our sin must be dealt with extreme seriousness.

LICENSED TO SIN is a quick read, but as a “field manual,” it's designed to walk a person through discovering their sin, understanding why their sin needs to be put to death, preparing for mortification, understanding God's grace in our pursuit of killing sin, and the actual practice of mortifying sin through meditation and prayer. Hedges writes with a sincere humility of someone who puts what he's suggesting into practice. LICENSED TO SIN points back to Scripture again and again as the source of hope for genuine freedom from sin.

With any great book on Christian heart transformation, it's always good to see the gospel clearly the driving force behind what we're trying to do. LICENSED TO SIN is definitely about grace-driven transformation. Because it's concise and easy to understand, I'd recommend this for any believer because putting sin to death is serious business and the call of every believer.

I received this book for free for review from Cruciform Press

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