Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review of PERSPECTIVES ON ETERNAL SECURITY Edited by Kirk MacGregor &Kevaugn Mattis

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Whether or not a believer in Jesus can lose the salvation given to them has been a controversial topic for hundreds of years. There are many passages of Scripture that seem to speak clearly to the affirmation of eternal security, while other passages seem to indicate that apostasy, or falling away, is possible. It can be very confusing, and it has caused many divisions in church history. For the record, I personally believe that eternal life is truly eternal in that once it is given, it cannot be lost. But I was interested in reading other thoughts on the subject.

PERSPECTIVES ON ETERNAL SECURITY is a collection of essays on the topic of eternal security edited by Kirk R. MacGregor and Kevaughn Mattis. The essays, all affirming the eternal security of salvation, look at some of the key passages of the Bible that speak to the reality of eternal security. The arguments are compelling and illuminating. Eternal security as taught in the Gospel of John plays very prominently in the essays. The topic is also looked at from the angle of philosophical theology, and there's even an exploration of John Calvin's formulation of eternal security in the perseverance of the saints.

While the essays included argue the reality of eternal security well, I wish that the essays would have focused more on dealing with the passages of Scripture that seem to point in the opposite direction. However, the book is still a great resource for those wanting to know more about why so many affirm eternal security.

I received this book for free for review from Wipf & Stock

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