Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weekly Intake

Here are a few of the things I enjoyed reading and watching this week on the Internet.

The "Full House" Guys Reunite on Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon is one of the most creative guys around. He's always funny, and he works hard to entertain his audience. It's seems like Fallon is always bringing his A-game. In this video, the characters of Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, and Uncle Joey talk Jimmy Fallon through the emotions of leaving his show to host "The Tonight Show." The scene is in true "Full House" style. I loved "Full House" when I was a kid, and this was a great scene.

First Clip of the Nicolas Cage Left Behind Reboot 
I was a fan of the Left Behind series of books when I was in high school, and I thought the original movie series was alright for what it turned out to be. I've since found myself disagreeing with some of the theology behind the books, but you just can't ignore the concept of Nicolas Cage rebooting this movie. This is the first clip, and it's definitely not Cage's best work, but I'll probably see the movie whenever it finally releases out of sheer curiosity.

Build With Legos in Google Maps
I loved Legos when I was younger. Honestly, I probably love them even more now (I have three kids, so I have a responsibility to play with them now). And now you can build Legos structures within Google Maps. That's incredible.

Jon Acuff's 10 Horrible Blogging Tips
Cover your blog posts with selfies.
Beg your Twitter followers for a retweet.
Write extra long blog posts.
Every blogger wants to be a good one. Jon Acuff gives ten ways that you're guaranteed not to. Few bloggers are as funny as Acuff and as knowledgeable about the blogging world.

Jared Hogan - The Fatal Place
This week I discovered Jared Hogan, the head of the film team at Elevation Church. In this blog post, he shares some really helpful insight into their creative process for a short film they did last Easter called "The Fatal Place." I love filmmaking and storytelling, and I love seeing the behind-the-scenes of someone's creative process. I love what he shares about animatics when he says, " if the idea doesn't work on paper, it most likely will not work on screen." The post includes photos of the notebooks where he worked through the script, the animatic video, and the full video of "The Fatal Place."

Pray for Your Daughter eBook
I just discovered this "pray for your daughter" challenge ebook from Mike Leake this week. I have a little girl named Lucy, and I pray for her all the time that her life would be better than I could ever give her on my own. This is a great idea for fathers of daughters.

Books I'm Reading This Week:

Marvelous by Travis Thrasher
I had the opportunity to read this book early. It's a young adult novel about a boy named Brandon who meets a girl named Marvel who is a complete mystery. Terrible things start happening in the town, and it becomes clear that Brandon and Marvel are about to be wrapped up in something bigger than them.

The Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus
This is another book I'm reading before its release. I've always loved McManus' approach to life and creativity. This book is about human beings as creative beings and how to live your most creative life.

The Shadow Throne by Jennifer Nielsen
The third book in a trilogy, this book is really good so far. The series is about a reckless and arrogant boy named Jaron who somehow becomes the king of a nation that is nearing war. In this book, the war is coming, and Jaron must prove he can be a great king or die trying.

Futureville by Skye Jethani
This book is incredible so far. Jethani calls believers to live in light of the kind of the future the Bible promises. He also uncovers the many false beliefs people have about the future and how it affects how they live in the present. 

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