Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review of WHAT'S YOUR WORLDVIEW by James N. Anderson

Title: What's Your Worldview?
Author: James N. Anderson
Publisher: Crossway Books
What It's About: What's Your Worldview? reads like a choose your own adventure book. Anderson guides readers through a series of questions, and depending on how you answer, you'll be led toward the next question on the path to discovering your worldview.
Why I Read It: I love trying to understand the different worldviews from which people live their lives because what we believe about the world affects how we live in the world. I was also interested in the book because it was being marketed as a choose your own adventure type book.
What I Liked About It: I read this book in one day. I love the way it feels like you're taking a journey to discover what you truly believe about the world. I love stories, and the format of the book was a fresh approach. For that alone, I think this book is a great one for anyone to read to discover more about themselves. I love how Anderson makes very careful distinctions between some of the worldviews. There are many theistic worldviews, but only one of them is distinctly Christian. 

If you read this book, especially as a Christian believer, you'll understand more about what you believe and more about what others believe. It's fun to take the journey and answer the questions the opposite of what you believe to see where you end up. This is a unique book, and I would gladly recommend it to anyone.
What I Didn't Like About It: This book was so good that there's nothing I didn't like about it.

Review copy provided by Crossway Books through their Beyond the Page reviewer program
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