Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekly Intake - February 15, 2014

Here are some of the things I found most interesting read about and watch this past week.

Stephen King is undoubtedly one of the most well-known storytellers in the world. I read and loved his sequel to The Shining last year and 11/22/63 the year before that. This year he's releasing two novels. I'm excited about both of them, but I'm particularly looking forward to reading Revival since it's about a preacher. It sounds interesting, and King is known for exploring the spiritual in his stories.

I discovered Ben Arment when I read his incredible book on church planting Church in the Making a couple years ago. Of course, Ben is known for much more than that now as the creator of StoryChicago and Dream Year. He's become an encouraging voice for the creative and the entrepreneurial. Blogger Anne Bogel had a conversation with Ben on her blog about the books on his bookshelves. Ben has an interesting approach to organizing his books. It's interesting to learn what the most creative thinkers consider worthy of their intake. If you're unfamiliar with Ben Arment, you've got to check him out.

Blogger and entrepreneur John Saddington shares some lessons that can be learned from playing with Legos from author Steve Klusmeyer. Great stuff, especially if you're a fan of those fun little bricks. I really like this one: "Every brick has a purpose. Some are made for a specific spot--most can adapt almost anywhere--but everyone will fit somewhere."

Another great post by Acuff on taking action on our dreams rather than just talking or dreaming about it. Great story about Sony selling their waterproof headphones and MP3 player in a water bottle.

Author Donald Miller recently sparked a lot of controversy in the blogosphere with his comments on not need the church to worship. Blogger Nate Pyle offers a passionate and humble response for what gathering together as the body of Christ should be.

My kids are really into Star Wars right now, and we found this video on YouTube this week. Hilarious stuff.

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