Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Review of LIVING IN CHRIST'S PRESENCE by Dallas Willard & John Ortberg

Title: Living in Christ's Presence
Author: Dallas Willard
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
What It's About: Living in Christ's Presence contains some of the final thoughts on Christian living that the late Dallas Willard had to say before his death in 2013. Drawn from conference talks with Willard and John Ortberg, the book revisits much of the thought for which Willard is most appreciated.
Why I Read It: I've been hooked on Dallas Willards's writings since I read his book The Divine Conspiracy a few years ago. Willard is a fresh voice in the area of spiritual formation and any Christian would benefit from reading his works.
What I Liked About It: I love the way this book is formatted as a dialogue between Willard and Ortberg because I love the way Willard interacts with the content. This book features some really insightful thoughts on the makeup of a person, and how faith in Jesus impacts the inner nature of a person. Willard does a great job of showing Christianity to be a faith that is full of knowledge. It's not just blind faith that we rely on. We can know God, his kingdom, and our ability to influence its presence in the here and now. The book elevates Jesus and his kingdom, and it's the kind of book that drives you to the Bible, desperate for more of Jesus.

Review copy provided by InterVarsity Press
Where You Can Buy It: Amazon.com

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