Monday, January 13, 2014


In SCREENWRITING BEHIND ENEMY LINES, John Schimmel provides valuable insight into writing a script that studio executives are more likely to read, and he writes as an industry insider. Though there are many similarities between this book and many other screenwriting books, Schimmel's book truly seeks to get readers behind the scenes of the film industry. He seems to hold nothing back as he pulls back the curtain to show the reader what the current state of the industry is and where it has come from.

The bulk of the book covers story structure just as any screenwriting book would. Schimmel applies the ideas to actual films he has worked on, and this is very helpful to see the structure ideas as they're working. There's plenty of homework for the aspiring screenwriter, and going through the book should help any writer find areas where they can improve.

I was looking forward to this book for several months, and I'm glad I got a chance to read it. It's a helpful one, and any aspiring screenwriter would benefit from reading it and applying what is in it.

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