Friday, January 17, 2014

Review of Percussive Acoustic Guitar by Chris Woods

I've always been a fan of the guitar playing of Phil Keaggy. His ability to use the guitar both as a guitar and a percussive instrument is impressive. PERCUSSIVE ACOUSTIC GUITAR by Chris Woods gives guitar players the techniques to turn their guitar playing into more percussive-driven music making. The book covers string slapping, body percussion, string tapping, harmonics, and the use of alternate tunings. 

I like the way this book is organized. Each chapter is dedicated to one of the techniques that Chris Woods is trying to teach players to implement in their playing. He starts out easy and increases the difficulty. The book also includes a really helpful DVD that guides players through the exercises in the book. 

This book is great for acoustic guitar players who want to get more out of their playing. The techniques are advanced, so the book isn't really for beginners, but it's great for someone who already has a grasp on making some great music with the acoustic guitar.

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