Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review of ON GUARD by William Lane Craig

Title: On Guard

Author: William Lane Craig

Publisher: David C. Cook

What It's About: Craig's website and ministry is called Reasonable Faith. ON GUARD takes readers through arguments for God's existence, God as the foundation of morality, and the validity of Jesus' resurrection from an historical perspective, as well as the divinity of Jesus. Craig seeks to give believers the tools they need to give a defense of Christianity that shows Christianity to make the most sense of all the evidence available to us.

Why I Read It: I've always been a deep thinker, and coming to faith in Jesus was a journey of trying to see how the redemptive story could be logically possible. The work of William Lane Craig as I read him in a book by Lee Strobel a few years helped me to make sense of it all. I wanted to read ON GUARD because it outlines some user-friendly arguments for defending Christianity and showing it to be "reasonable."

What I Liked About It: The book is organized really well. I enjoyed reading about Dr. Craig's own philosophical journey. The book contains some really good arguments.

What I Didn't Like About It: It's not as in depth as his other book on apologetics, but I understood this to be a condensed version of that book before I read it, so it's not really a complaint. It could be more thorough, but for the audience it's designed for, it's a good resource.

Where You Can Buy It:

Review copy provided by David C. Cook

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