Monday, January 20, 2014


THE SCREENWRITER'S ROADMAP by Neil Landau is a book designed to get you thinking about all the core structural elements of your story and how to get them up to peak performance. Each chapter is based on a structural question that Landau poses to you in the midst of writing your story. The questions are incredibly helpful and his elaboration on the questions is equally helpful. He includes numerous examples of popular movies to make his points throughout, and he writes as one who teaches screenwriting for a living.

I loved the tone of the book and felt like I wanted to stop and write several times as I read it. By far my most favorite part of the book was the interviews Landau conducts at the end of each chapter. I loved reading the interviews with David S. Goyer, David Koepp, the writing team of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and several others. The interviews give you a lot of really good insight into the storytelling process of some of the best writers out there.

THE SCREENWRITER'S ROADMAP is a great book for getting your story going in the right direction. It's immensely helpful, and I highly recommend it.

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