Friday, January 17, 2014

Review of ACOUSTIC ARTISTRY by Evan Herschelman

Evan Hirschelman is an instructor at Musicians Institute, and in his book ACOUSTIC ARTISTRY for Hal Leonard, he introduces acoustic fingerstyle and classical guitar players to some techniques that will add more creativity to their playing. The book is written for guitar players who already have some proficiency in playing the instrument. Hirschelman introduces players to techniques such as string-slapping and string-tapping, as well as percussion techniques using the body of the guitar. 

The book is divided into parts that correspond to the techniques that the book strives to get guitar players to understand, practice, and master. What's good about the book is that each technique starts with the basics and increases in complexity and difficulty. Guitar players who work through this book will learn how to be more creative in their playing and performing. Not only will they become better guitar players; they'll become better musicians.

The book is well-designed and includes a CD to help players practices the exercises contained in the book. It's a great book if you enjoy fingerstyle or classical guitar.

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Review copy provided by Hal Leonard Books

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