Monday, October 28, 2013

Review of A REASONABLE RESPONSE by William Lane Craig

I've been a fan of the work of William Lane Craig for several years, and I've benefited greatly in my pursuit of Christ through his ministry. I love the area on his website where you can ask him questions, and I've had the privilege of having him answer on a podcast.

His new book A REASONABLE RESPONSE is an interesting one in its approach. It is a compilation of questions made to Dr. Craig and his responses. I love this book because of the way it shows the questions Dr. Craig is answering, which gives the answers some added context. I love the way Dr. Craig engages with his readers. There are also some helpful comments to the side by the editor that draw attention to particularly helpful arguments made throughout the book.

The topics covered range from God's relation to time, the historicity of Jesus, and arguments for God's existence, as well as many others. A REASONABLE RESPONSE is a great apologetics resource, especially if you're fan of Dr. Craig.

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