Friday, October 11, 2013

Review of JESUS>RELIGION by Jefferson Bethke

Jefferson Bethke became popular when his video about hating religion but loving Jesus went viral. While his video sparked some controversy, many people resonated with his thoughts on following Jesus and being authentic when it comes to Christianity.

Bethke’s new book JESUS>RELIGION tackles the subject of authentic Christianity head-on. Bethke shares his personal journey to discovering who Jesus is and how he is so much more than what we’re often told. Bethke never claims to have all the answers, and I love his humility throughout the book as he gives us a glimpse into some of the rough spots in his background. Overall, JESUS>RELIGION makes much of Jesus. The book shows how the Bible’s overall narrative is all about Jesus.

Bethke’s book is a call to abandon empty religion that strives to earn God’s approval and embrace the free gift of God’s finished work instead. It’s a great book that I found intriguing all the way through. Christians could learn much from the message Bethke is trying to get out there.

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