Monday, October 7, 2013

Review of ABRAHAM'S FOUR SEEDS by John G. Reisinger

Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism both make mistakes in how the Old and New Testaments relate by imposing an external system upon the Scriptures. John G. Reisinger, in his book ABRAHAM'S FOUR SEEDS, seeks a third way, one that starts with the Bible's as its foundation. Reisinger sees how we answer the question of who Abraham's seed is in Scripture as vitally important to how we understand the relationship between the Old and New Testaments. He shows that Bible reveals Abraham to have four seeds: the natural seed, the special natural seed, the spiritual seed, and Christ the unique seed.

Reisinger comes from a New Covenant Theology perspective, which means that the Old Covenant made to Israel was fulfilled in Christ, and the promises made to Abraham are fulfilled in Abraham's spiritual seed, nee covenant believers.

Reisinger writes with clarity and reveals the pitfalls of the two systems. He handles the Scriptures with integrity, allowing them to speak for themselves.

Review copy provided by New Covenant Media

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