Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review of STEELHEART by Brandon Sanderson

When a large explosion in the sky called Calamity gave some human beings on earth supernatural abilities, it was the hope of many that the Epics, as they came to be known, would use their abilities for the good of the world. They envisioned a world of real-life superheroes. But the opposite happened. The Epics only cared about themselves and some took the opportunity to use their power to dominate humanity. On the day that Steelheart, one of the most powerful Epics, turned against humanity, a young boy named David witnessed his father murdered by the Epic who would turn all of Chicago into his own steel empire. Years later, the sun no longer shines in the dark and oppressive city now called Newcago. David remembers the day his father died, and he's determined to join up with a group called the Reckoners to hunt down and kill Steelheart. David remembers something else from that fateful day. No one else knows about it. David saw Steelheart bleed.

STEELHEART by Brandon Sanderson was one the best novels that I've ever read. The concept was brilliant, and Sanderson pulled it off so well.

First of all, the fact that there are no good Epics was intriguing, as well as the questions it raises in the story. Did Calamity only give evil people abilities, or did receiving abilities make these people evil? Steelheart is a compelling villain who sees himself as a god. The other Epics are just as interesting, and I can't wait to see where Sanderson takes this story in future books (I believe it's supposed to be a trilogy).

David knows he's seen Steelheart bleed, but he doesn't know exactly what it was that weakened Steelheart. He just knows that in the moment of being face-to-face with Steelheart, it'll all come back to him. It's this tenacity and overconfidence that drives him to pursue his goal at all costs, including the safety of his new comrades in the Reckoners.

STEELHEART is a brilliant twist on the superhero story concept. I couldn't stop reading once I started, and once I finished, I wanted so much more.

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