Sunday, September 22, 2013


Dave Ramsey has been known as a man who has helped guide many people out of financial debt to reach a place finances are managed responsibly and successfully. Thomas Nelson has just re-released the Classic Edition of Ramsey's book TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER. 

In this book, Ramsey seeks to uncover the money myths and false perceptions people have had that have led them to great financial stress and, sometimes, financial ruin. The first part of the book is about showing you that you have a problem. However, you may be picking this book up because you're already aware that you're struggling financially. This part may feel very repetitive after awhile if that's the case. 

The real benefit of this book is the practical guidance Ramsey gives for getting out of debt. He gives advice, such as saving a thousand dollars first-thing and begin paying off debt through a debt snowball. Learn how to save for retirement, pay off a mortgage, and save for your children's college. This is a great book for learning how to be financially fit, and it's one that I would recommend to anyone.

Review copy provided by Thomas Nelson through BookSneeze

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