Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review of TOTAL ROCK GUITAR by Troy Stetina

Photo Credit: Hal Leonard

Rating: 5 out of 5

Troy Stetina is one of the foremost guitar instructors in the world when it comes to rock guitar. Of course, not everyone can have the opportunity to learn from Stetina face-to-face. Fortunately, he's written several guitar instruction books, and TOTAL ROCK GUITAR is one of his best because of the way he covers several different rock styles.

After a very helpful section on getting a great rock guitar tone, Stetina launches into the first of 22 lessons that progressively introduce more and more difficult techniques. The book covers rock rhythms, single-note riffs, arpeggios, and many soloing techniques. The included CD, all tracks played and recorded by Stetina himself, has the tracks for each lesson included to help players learn to get the sound correct.

Probably the strongest part of this book is that each lesson contains a song composed specifically for the book by Stetina that puts the lessons' concepts into practice. This gives players the opportunity to learn some real music that sounds good and helps to learn technique at the same time.

When I suggest a guitar method for anyone wanting to learn rock guitar, the first book I point to is TOTAL ROCK GUITAR by Troy Stetina.

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