Monday, January 28, 2013

Review of THE RECORDING ENGINEER’S HANDBOOK Second Edition by Bobby Owsinki

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Rating: 4 out of 5

If you’re into recording your own music or the music of others, it’s good to know some effective techniques for getting the best recorded sound you can. THE RECORDING ENGINEER’S HANDBOOK Second Edition by Bobby Owsinki is a full-length book guide packed with techniques for getting the most out of your recording production experience.

Owsinki begins by covering microphone basics, which is vital for the recording engineer, then he gives an overview of some of the microphones most preferred by engineers. After going over some basics of recording tracks, the real advantage of this handbook is the section on miking individual instruments. The instruments are listed in alphabetical order, and Owsinki gives some helpful tips on mic placement and how to get the best recorded sound from each instrument. It would be great to take in all the information in this section because it will be very helpful for you in the studio.

Some further inclusions in this handbook are surround miking and some great interviews with accomplished recording engineers giving more helpful tips. THE RECORDING ENGINEER’S HANDBOOK is a really helpful book for getting a great recorded sound during recording sessions.

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