Wednesday, November 14, 2012


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Rating: 5 out of 5

THE SHEPHERD LEADER AT HOME by Timothy Z. Witmer speaks to the heart of husbands and fathers in their God-given role to be the leaders of their families. Using the biblical leadership model of the shepherd, Witmer outlines the four primary responsibilities shepherd leaders must embrace to lead their families well and cultivate their hearts toward Jesus.

The four responsibilities are:
1. The Shepherd Knows His Family
2. The Shepherd Leads His Family
3. The Shepherd Provides For His Family
4. The Shepherd Protects His Family

Using Scripture and specifically the model of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, Witmer leads us on a journey of growing in our relationships with our wives and children and learning to embrace our roles as fathers and husbands. The book is thoroughly challenging as it forces you to examine your own life, but by putting the biblical concepts contained in it into practice, men will surely grow in their relationship with God and become men who provide strong loving leadership to their families.

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