Monday, November 5, 2012

Review of DRAW COMIC BOOK ACTION by Lee Garbett

I’ve always loved doing things that are creative and artistic, but lately I’ve been interested in drawing. Specifically, drawing for comic books and graphic novels. I love the way stories are told visually through the comic book art form. My interest led me to the book DRAW COMIC BOOK ACTION by Lee Garbett, and it is an immensely practical tool for anyway interested in drawing comic book-type characters.

Garbett doesn’t just assume that anyone picking up this book has any drawing experience, and he starts with some very basic techniques. After describing the tools a comic book artist will need, Garbett launches into teaching the reader to draw basic male and female forms, then, using stick figures, he shows how to approach different action poses the artist might want to incorporate into their drawings. The book also covers drawing different parts of the body, such as the head, feet, and hands.

From reading comic scripts to creating panels to scenery interaction, this book will quickly get the reader drawing their own comic book action shots. I immediately grabbed a pencil and paper and started drawing using the directions in the book. DRAW COMIC BOOK ACTION is a great resource for the aspiring comic book artist.

Review copy provided by David and Charles

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