Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review of The High Calling's Weekly E-Newsletter

The High Calling is an online magazine with a focus on seeing your vocation as a calling from God. The team at The High Calling want you to find God in your work in a way that is more than just about evanglism, and they want you to be encouraged to honor God in your daily work.

The online magazine features articles and interviews, as well as videos, designed to encourage you in your work. One of the features of The High Calling is their weekly e-newsletter. The e-newsletter is a summary of the best content featured on the site from the previous week. The e-newsletter features "an audio message from Howard Butt, several articles from The High Calling, a new video from The High Calling, and several community articles from around the community and other important sites."

An example of content featured in the e-newsletter is an article titled "Micromanagement: Leadership Style or Pathology" about micromanagement in the workplace and whether or not it might be a legitimate leadership style needed in certain contexts at certain times.

The High Calling is a great resource if you're a Christian who works. The only criticism I would have is that the articles I read, which were only a few, seemed a little light on God content. 

You can sign up for The High Calling's e-newletter on their website in the sidebar.

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